Amount calculation and estimation software 

Amount calculation and estimation software Caesar has been on the Estonian market for over 20 years. It's a thorough information system that enables You to make very detailed amount calculations and exact budgets.
In addition to this, orders can also be compiled very specifically, according to the needs of the customers, while taking into account Estonian construction standards. However, it's also possible to set it to match other standards.
Carefully constructed budgets and calculations help to convince the customer as well as the main contractor that Your company is competent, the offer is reasonable and the price is appropriate.

A properly planned budget also helps to ensure that construction is cheaper and of high-quality, it reduces risks caused by the lack of knowledge and helps to make sure that the project is finished in time. All of this gives You a great competitive advantage, while also proving that Your cost estimator is indeed productive. A thoroughly planned budget, reduces greatly the amount of work that a site manager has to do during construction.

Budgets are planned with the help of Caesar software in construction companies in Estonia, Finland as well as Norway

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