Logging permits information system RAIE

Logging permits information system RAIE is a web-based software for electronic application, processing, issuing and publishing logging permits of trees and shrubbery. Software helps to speed up the procedural process and makes it comfortable, both for the applicant and the local municipality.

RAIE information system helps the municipality to digitalize all the tedious paperwork. All the data and the documentation is in one place, where it's easily accessible for everyone involved. All the issued loging permits are accessible for the public from the portal.

RAIE is connected to:

  • Population Register
  • Commercial Register
  • Address Data System of the Estonian Land Board
  • e-Land Register
  • Construction register
  • Public portal

All of those connections with the other registers help to make the data entry easier, help to save time and help to make fewer mistakes, because a lot of information is prefilled.

RAIE infosystem has a comprehensive system of user rights: different users can see and modify data only within their mandate.

Individuals and companies can apply for the logging permits through the public portal. Applicants can keep track of the process from the portal and can always update their applications, if necessary. All the issued logging permits can be digitally signed in the software and after the digital signing, the permit becomes available to the public.
Citizens can also search for a specific issued logging permit or view the issued permit from the portal.

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