Hardware Department

In addition to selling hardware and providing maintenance services, the hardware department of Spin TEK also provides antivirus and hosting services. We have been selling hardware since 1994. Our goal is not to become a market leader, but rather to offer products that are carefully chosen and of high quality. We believe that the times, where the customer chooses a cheap thing over a good one, are far gone.

We also provide hosting services for different information systems. We deal with Linux and Windows servers and keep our own servers in the Elion datacenter. When providing hosting services, we proceed from the needs and the wishes of our customer and try to give them the best option available.

We also provide virus protection services on the basis of F-Secure software. We have sold and maintained F-Secure products already for 17 years. As a result of long-term good work, we have been awarded with the title of F-Secure Silver Partner

We also provide various e-services that make the work of our customers easier, quicker and more convenient.

Our e-services include the following:

- Online shop for hardware

- Ordering of a presentation

- Accounting services

- Construction estimation services

- Domain name registration

- Selling and updating antivirus software

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